Do away with make-up that runs, smudges or irritates!

Samantha Abiles, CPCS
Permanent Cosmetics Corrective Specialist

     Experience and an inherent gift of artistry, are two characteristics you should look for when selecting a permanent cosmetic artist. Samantha is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Specialist who specializes in corrective procedures. She was trained in the Classic European method in which the emphasis is placed primarily on the Natural Look. Samantha has set the standard for quality permanent cosmetics since 2001 and is recommended by several medical and industry professionals. Her expertise and drive for perfection come into play when determining placement that will create a beautiful and aesthetic balance, along with developing colors that will complement your individual skin tone. In addition to all of this, she places great importance on developing a one-on-one relationship with each client, helping you to look and feel beautiful...permanently!

  • Add definition to your features

  • Look picture perfect all the time

  • Redefine, shape or correct

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