I had my eyebrows done by Samantha in the summer of 2008. I have always had very thin, light colored eyebrows that always made me feel like my face was missing something. I envied women that had beautiful eyebrows and wished that when I woke up every morning I would see the definition between my eyes and forehead, not to mention not having to spend time penciling them in anymore. I finally decided that I was going to have them done; I felt the utmost trust and confidence in Samantha, knowing I was great hands. I have had them done for almost a year and I can’t even express how life changing it has been to feel the freedom in life of going to the beach, pool and even first thing in the morning not feeling self conscious. I have my husband, family and complete strangers tell me how beautiful it makes my face look. I have had a clinical esthetician and dermatologist not be able to even know that they where not 100% natural.  When I tell some people that my eyebrows are permanent make-up they can’t believe it and ask me who did them because they where done perfectly, the shape and color look so natural. I live in Florida now and know that whenever I will have to have them re-touched I will always fly back to Arizona and only have them done by Samantha, thanks to her it only takes me 8 minutes to put on make-up.

– Pia N. Miami, FL

      When it comes to your face, make sure that you are choosing only the best for results that you can be proud of wearing every day. As a salon business owner and personal client of Samantha, I refer all of my clients to her and I am 100% confident in doing so. In fact, Samantha’s expertise and knowledge in permanent makeup is the reason she is the ONLY person I would trust my clients with. Having personally had several procedures done by Samantha, I have experienced her work and professionalism first hand. I receive compliments daily on how natural looking my results are. Working in the beauty industry I have met many women with permanent makeup done elsewhere, and have seen the results of a poor permanent makeup job. It is permanent and not something you should trust just anyone to do. I guarantee you can be proud of the results you will get with Samantha.

– Natalie Scott
Hollywood Lashes & Spa

      I have been living in a nightmare for 3 weeks. Everything you have done so far has given me hope that I can soon face the world again. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me!     Forever grateful!

– Claudia L.
Eyebrow correction client

      Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I LOVE my permanent make-up! You truly are an artist and I will highly recommend you to anybody who is interested. Thank you for the excellent work.     Sincerely,

– Michelle P.

     My name is Debra and I can’t give enough honest praise to Samantha for the wonderful, professional and artistic work that she did for me well over a year ago when she did my permanent eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliner. She takes her work serious and to perfection. People compliment me daily how well I do my eyeliner and when I then tell them it’s permanent makeup they are blown away. It’s funny to watch them when they try to look for flaws but can’t find any. I love it every time I go on vacation and go snorkeling and come out of the water without running makeup down my face. If your looking for someone with the artistic know how to make us women beautiful everyday that we wake up then Samantha is your girl.

– Debra

     My name is Carlotta Clark, I have been an Aesthetician for over ten years and have worked with many Permanent Cosmetic Specialist in the past. It wasn’t until five years ago when I met Samantha while working at a plastic surgeon’s office in Arizona. Samantha and I both worked at this office and shared numerous clients. What I noticed most about her work on a professional level was the consistency in color and depth. Samantha’s clients appeared more youthful in appearance after her procedures. As an Aesthetician, my job is to assist my clients with fighting free radical damage. Samantha, is an artist who can enhance as well as reconstruct imperfections.     From my experience, permanent make up has hit the reset button and given me a more youthful appearance. After seeing Samantha’s work on all types of ethnicity’s I developed a strong confidence in her to perform several procedures on me, and as a result have received numerous compliments on my brows, eyeliner and sexy lips (smile).     Being a person of color in any ethnic background can be complicated when seeking professional enhancement services. It takes a unique talent and understanding of individual skin structure and colorization. Samantha, has a great knowledge of this and thus leaves you looking naturally beautiful. Anyone lucky enough to have a consultation with her should feel privileged. However, if you decide to have a procedure, TRUST me, you will indeed be very thrilled with the results and wonder how you got along without her.     Samantha, is the ultimate professional with a natural gift and skill. Her sunny up lifting personality will make you feel right at home. You will leave with confidence and reassurance in the way you face the world. Enjoy your new improved look. I promise, you won’t regret it!

– Carlotta Clark, L.A. Owner, Skinplicity Arizona

     Samantha has done permanent makeup for me and for my family, at my recommendation. I looked at work from and interviewed many people before choosing her. I originally intended to try multiple practitioners, but her work was so outstanding, I just couldn’t go to anyone else. She has done my lips, brows and eyeliner. She has never disappointed me. Her work is artistically perfect and ultimately natural looking. I can’t say enough good about her. I would highly recommend her to anyone, over anyone else. I don’t look made up at all, just more beautiful. People notice I look better, but can’t quite put their finger on why…. If you want to look beautiful all the time, when you go to bed, first get up, while swimming, camping, working out etc., go see Sam right away.

– Dr. DeAnna Woeller Naturopathic Physician- Weller Ways, LLC

     I want to thank Sam for my beautiful eyebrows and upper/lower eyeliner. I left an Aesthetician appointment 2 years ago in tears, a nightmare of an over-arched brow wax. Basically the aesthetician made each of my eyebrows in two pieces!! Sam has given me the freedom from having to carry a brow pencil and eyeliner everywhere. Since my first permanent make-up application, I have been complimented in the perfection and flawless appearance. Sam has such a great gift for naturally complimenting your features; people continue to say they can’t believe its permanent make-up. I have recommended Sam to my clients who have had mastectomies, her 3-D work is amazing! They are VERY pleased, especially after having such a traumatic and heartbreaking procedure done. Sam has given my clients their confidence back. Sam has such a sweet and caring personality, she makes you feel right at home. She truly cares about your concerns. Thanks again Sam, you rock!!

–  Judi Bello

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